Public-Private Partnership Center of the Kyrgyz Republic

What does Public-Private Partnership mean?

A contract between a public partner (Customer) and a private organization signed on the basis of competitive bidding, where a private partner performs public functions and develops the best way of provision of infrastructure or service, but where this private partner bears a quality risk, that is, if the project has been poorly implemented it will directly affect his profit.
Building and Upgrade of Public Facilities
Tourism and Sports Development
Social Services Development
Energy and RES Development
Information Technology Development
Road Infrastructure Improvement

How to prepare a project for PPP?

Preparation of PPP project is carried out by a public partner and includes:
Preparation of a project initiation proposal
Tender document preparation
Tender commission establishment
A proposal of PPP project initiation can be prepared by a public partner or a private partner providing for socio-economic development programs of the state, PPP development programs, industry-based programs, and development programs and plans.
Find out whether your project fits the PPP criteria for the benefit of people
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Public-Private Partnership Center of the Kyrgyz Republic
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