Business Community

Kyrgyzstan has a wide and diverse business community. It comprises of various organizations, companies, and sector associations.
International Business Council - is the preeminent business association in the Kyrgyz Republic, established in December 2000. Since 2000, IBC has grown into a sustainable institution, employing experts with economic, legal and financial specialties, channeling first-hand information to enable growth and prosperity for business. Today IBC unites over 140 entities, leading private companies from various sectprs of the economy in the Kyrgyz Republic. Learn more about IBC
Bishkek Business Club is a public organization that unites creative, active, motivated and influential personalities of the Kyrgyz Republic for a radical improvement of the business environment in the country, and for the formation of the Kyrgyz Republic as on of the most rapidly developing major regional centers for business. Over the years the Club has proven its organizational stability and the ability to influence management decisions. Learn more about BBC 
Union of Entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan - a non-profit organization, founded in March 20, 2002. Today the Union brings together more than 10,000 members, 18 industry associations and 16 regional associations and councils. Working with leading partners representing the interests of the greater business community such as IBC, Chamber of Commerce etc. Mission of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Kyrgyzstan is to develop cooperation and have a strong and effective organization. The business community can be a powerful force in national and regional levels, in expressing the vision and opinions of the business community, and in developing and implementing strategies and policies of both the business as a whole and the various sectors of the economy. Learn more about UEK
The Chamber of Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic as a non-governmental, non-profit organization, is expanding its ties with both government agencies and with partner associations of entrepreneurs in the country and abroad, and contributes to the development of the economy, industrial, scientific, technical and trade cooperation of the Kyrgyz Republic with other countries . The Chamber of Commerce, was founded on 24 December 1959, acting on the basis of the Law "On the Chamber of Commerce of the Kyrgyz Republic", adopted in April 13, 1994 Jogorku Kenesh of the country.

The mission of the Chamber is to promote the establishment of an appropriate regulatory environment, infrastructure and other conditions for the establishment, development and protection of business in Kyrgyzstan. It strives to ensure that every entrepreneur had real equal opportunities to develop their business in the country and access to international markets. Learn more about CCI